DSC_0085Heyyyy! It’s that time of the month again when I’m gonna with you about the stuff that I have been loving during July! Let’s begin shall we?


NORTHERN SOAP FOR DEEP FACIAL CLEANSING: First things first Natura Siberica is a very decent organic brand. This soap is perfect for decreasing your pores and if you have skin with acne problems then this is what you have been looking for. But don’t overuse it you can only use once or twice a week not everyday.

NORTHERN CLOUDBERRY SHAMPOO: I recently dyed my hair purple so I needed a shampoo that can repair my hair from the damage and this one worked pretty well. If you have damaged hair by the sea or the heat or by anything else this shampoo works very nice combined with the following hair mask.

2.APIVITADSC_0065This mask as I said it’s perfect for coloured and damaged hair .It’s also made by an organic brand and that’s why the ingredients are nice and pure.

3.KORRESDSC_0070Korres is a brand that I love and I use frequently and their products just do what they promise.

SHOWER GEL: As far as the shower gel is concerned it takes only to smell to understand why it’s in my favourite list. It smells like white blossom and it’s the most summery thing.

WHITE TEA CLEANSING FOAM: Since I can’t use the previous soap everyday and since it’s quite intense (in the good way) I wanted to buy something that calms my face and it’s very gentle. The ingredients are great and they work perfect for every skin type.

4.BENEFITDSC_0072DSC_0077I don’t really know what to say about those two products. The blush works great with my skin tone which is very fair and so does the bronzer.

5.LUSHDSC_0071This moisturiser was given to me by lush after I asked for a sample , because I wanted to try it out before I bought it and sincerely I loooved it and I already see the difference in my skin. It’s quite expensive , but if you don’t want to spend much money on a moisturizer I recommend you buy it and use once or twice a week or when your face doesn’t behave the way you want it to.


6.JO NESBO THE LEOPARDDSC_0079The leopard is one of the best crime novels that I have read. It is written by a Norwegian novelist Jo Nesbo and the protagonist is a former police inspector , Harry Hole. The book is quite big , but it can keep you interested.

7.JOHN GREEN AN ABUDANCE OF KATHERINESDSC_0078The abudance of Katherines is an easy to read book , but it’s also authentic and with an inventive and unusual plot. It’s perfect for a summer company at the beach!


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