Yesterday I watched Piaf the show by the incredible Anne Carrere at the theatre Petras at Petroupoli , Athens. I was so moved by her voice and the way she was acting during her singing . Her talent has been characterised as pure and natural and Gil Marsala said that “I have worked in show business – on and off stage – for 25 years and mounted shows in the entire world. But to this day, Anne Carrere is my greatest artistic discovery yet. A diamond you want to keep raw… don’t you dare to touch and polish her – such is the nature of her pure and natural talent” If you are a fan of Edif Piaph I assure you that with no doubt you would be amazed by this show , but even if you are not familiar with Piaf’s songs Anne Carrere has the ability to make you feel what she is feeling and what Piaf was feeling while she was performing the songs. Clicking in that link you can find the dates for the tour all around the world and I totally recommend you going , because it’s so worth it!



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