The end of june it’s so close and I decided to do my first favourite post. Those are stuff I have been loving and using constantly during the month of june.

  1. LUSHDSC_0825

BIG. This shampoo is one of the best I have ever tried, it makes your hair wavy and shiny and it smells really lovely. I know it’s a little bit pricy but it’s totally worth it and it lasts about two to three months.

HERBALISM. I have been dealing with acne since I was 12 and I have tried so many cleansers and moisturisers , this cleanser helps my skin to calm down and it reduces acne and redness. I’m totally gonna re-buy it and re-buy it and re-buy because it’s amazing and with 100% natural ingredients.

LIGHT YELLOW. That’s what they call colour supplement and its like foundation but much lighter. If you want something with good coverage I wouldn’t recommend  you buying this , but If you need something to cover redness and little flaws and be able not even feel like you have anything on your face this is for you.

EMOTIONAL BRILLIANCE. This is a translucent powder which is pink. For me this works really nice , it lasts all day and it seems very natural. I have a very fair skin tone so if your skin tone it’s quite dark I don’t know if pink would be perfect for you.


With that little box you can achieve any colour you want and definitely you don’t need any other lipsticks in the shade of red plus it lasts really long and the ingredients are not harmful at all.

2.KORRES DSC_0831.jpg

BODY MILK. This body milk moisturise your skin perfectly , the smell is so addicting and it also contains 92,4% natural ingredients which is great.

BODY SCRUB. Its an amazing scrub with mint tea which makes your skin feels so smooth and clean. As far as the ingredients are concerned it contains 90,2% natural ingredients.

3. CLINIQUE DSC_0832.jpg

Are you ready for everyone to start asking you if your eyelashes are fake? If your answer is yes then I believe that this mascara is what you are looking for.

4.TOO FACED DSC_0833.jpg


This eyeshadow pallet has everything you need to do an every day make up look but also a night out make up look. I’m slowly going organic and I believe that this pallet is something I’m gonna miss.


I don’t know what to say about that brush except that I’m actually using it for EVERYTHING.



COCO CHANEL is my regular perfume , I love it and it’s not just a June favourite but an all time favourite. MODERN MUSE on the other hand is a perfume that I tried and I really liked especially for summer time because it’s light , not very intense.


That’s a very nice body moisturiser with a lovely smell which makes your skin soft and blackberry scented.


And for the end I left a book , a greek book which I don’t think that is translated in other languages and it’s a shame that if you are not greek or if you don’t know greek you can’t read it. This book is shocking and breath taking especially at the end. The plot is genius and the way the writer managed to combine dark sides of history (crimes that committed during world war with the era of 60s is marvellous. I totally recommend you to read it.





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